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Fall Arresters / Set / Slings

These systems allow a person access to conduct their duties but prevent them from reaching a point where a fall could occur.

Rope Grab Fall Arrester


- Rope Grab Fall Arrester with Karabiner.
- 14mm dia Polyamide Life Line.
- Anti Gravity Locking System.
- Can be used in Static Mode.
- Automatic lock in an event of fall.
- Material- Aloy Steel
- CE-EN353-2


Detachable Rope Grab Fall Arrester with
Energy Absorber.


Detachable Rope Grab Fall Arrester with
Spacing Strap.

Retractable Fall Arrester

Retractable Fall Arrester

Casing -Available in both robust Polymer casing and in Aluminium Casing.

Locking Mechanism- Unique centrifugal Braking Mechanism.

Applications - Ideal for Vertical use in various hazardous condition.s

Retractable Life Line - Available in both Webbing & GI wire rope ( 4mm).

Harness End Connector - Swivel Snap Hook.

Conforms to EN 360:2002

Length - 6m,8m,10m,12m,15m,20m.

Horizontal Anchorage Life Line

Made up

of 30 mm Polyester Webbing equipped with Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two structures.Both the ends are provided with Auto Locking Steel Karabiners.

The whole system is supplied in a bag, which is permanently attached to the assembly and also enables the user to easily carry the system with the help of comfortable shoulder hanging straps provided in the bag.

Grip Descender

It is equipped with a unique Self Braking System which initiates the brake as soon as the handle is released, or clasped too tightly.Ideal for descent on a single rope.Works on 10.5 mm & 11.0 mm diameter Kernmantle rope.
Material - Aluminium Alloy.
Conforms to EN 341-cLASS a

3 Strand Twisted Polyamide Anchorage Line

14mm Dia with one side loop, other side hook for anchoring.
Has coloures tracer yarn which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the rope is now unfit for furthur use.
Strength - More than 23kN.
Available Lenghts - 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 90m, 100m.

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