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Safetech Safety Solutions was formed in the year 2005 and is acknowledged as one of the leading Designer, Developer & Manufacturer of Technical fall protection Equipment in India providing world class products. As a manufacturer. we have the flexibility to work closely with clientele if they require custom-built products:corporate coloursibranding.etc to suit the varying needs of their industry whilst ensuring compliance with relevant Standards.

Quality always being paramount in all we produce. Raw materials coming onto the production line receives careful auditing to ensure only finest quality materials are being used, The equipment is closely monitored and checked throughout all stages of production and nothing leaves the premises without passing through the stringent checks in the Quality Control and Inspection Departments giving end users confidence in their choice of product. We strictly follow I50:900 I :2008 standards in our business activities.

To ensure traceability, all finished goods are individually serialised and certified and user instructions included, We put all our energy and all our proficiency into achieving our mission_We are dedicated to hying every worker who is working at height home safely. By getting associated with us you can expect hard work, dedication, perseverance, and TEAM. In SAFETECH SAFETY SOLUTIONS. we emphasize on Team Work, working together to achieve the goal of "SAFETY FIRST..

SAFETECH is a wide-ranging provider of Personal Protective Equipments to all industries who work at height and its related services. Mr. Sudipto Bose, is the crux of the SAFETECH team, a self motivated entrepreneur who single handedly launched SAFETECH with a vision to REDEFINE HEIGHT SAFETY STANDARDS.

SAFETECH specialize in the design and manufacture of TECHNICAL FALL PROTECTION DEVICES such as Full Body Harnesses, Lanyards, Connectors, Shock Absorbers, safety Nets, Tripods & Winches.

SAFETECH products are modern, original and easy to use, with superior strength and increased robustness.
SAFETECH equipments are designed to provide the maximum support whilst being as light, comfortable and strong as possible.
SAFETECH products have obtained CE certification EN 361, EN 362, EN 354, EN 358.

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